7th Generation Community Services Corporation

Support Services for School Children

7th Generation provides direct support and resources for at-risk children and the schools they attend. These services include:

  • Backpacks with Supplies
  • Computer Donations
  • Information Technology Support
  • Classroom Materials
Kid With Calculator

In February 2013, 7th Generation saw an opportunity to help Native American high school students and responded immediately. Joshua Menke, a high school math teacher at the Crazy Horse School in Wanblee, SD submitted a request for 60 calculators to the Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation, a website that focuses on specific needs of the many schools and social service organizations located on the reservation. They had received some of the Texas Instrument scientific calculators but were still in need of 26. Not only did 7th Gen provide the 26 calculators but also donated 30 individual white boards which allow teachers to check for understanding very quickly and avoid student embarrassment at getting a wrong answer.

Crazy Horse School is located on the Pine Ridge Reservation and serves approximately 300 Native American students most of whom live on the reservation. The calculators and white boards will be used in their math and science classes.

Kid With Whiteboard

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (also called Pine Ridge Agency) is an Oglala Sioux Native American reservation located in southwest South Dakota. The reservation is home to over 40,000 people and encompasses more than 2 million acres. As the school dropout rate is over 70% we hope that our donation for the students at Crazy Horse School will make a difference in some small way.

Over the past four years 7th Generation, in partnership with Upper Mohawk, Inc., has donated school supplies to grade schools in Florida, Georgia and New Mexico. Backpacks filled with supplies including paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, crayons, folders, notebooks, glue and hand sanitizer, and more to assist those in need. These supplies were provided for children who may otherwise have lacked the materials and tools to succeed in furthering their education to their utmost potential.

2018 Mims Supply Donation

School Supplies School Supplies
School Supplies School Supplies

2017 Mims Supply Donation

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2016 Mims & Pinewood Supply Donation

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2015 Supply Donation

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