7th Generation Community Services was formed in 2003 as a 501(c)3 non-profit. It was the heart’s desire of Ken and Pat Barnes to help Native American Youth with education, along with our youth of Titusville. Along the way we funded full ride scholarships with the commitment they would go back to the reservations and help the community there. At the same time we had and have a backpack program that in each state that our for-profit has a contract we would support local Native Schools and in Titusville we would support the schools here.

In 2016, from a conversation with a former teacher, we started interviewing children, parents and teachers about what they saw missing or wished there was deeper attention to. The general consensus was that education was missing the boat in basic-soft skills, communication, finance, etiquette, sewing, cooking and job readiness, just to name a few. 7th Generation started looking at putting curriculum together with the idea and focus on our local youth and a deeper dive into the soft skills.

In 2017, the board of 7th Generation made the decision to change our main focus to our local community in Titusville Florida, while taking the same program throughout the state and back into the Native American tribes.

Our target audience is starting with elementary school, middle school, high school and our home school community. Starting in elementary school with 3rd grade by building a solid foundation just as you would if you were building a house. Following them into middle school and on to high school.

The goal is to give our youth the chance and skills to be productive adults and to be able to see beyond today. In this country you are only limited by your own dreams and desires. Dreams need a foundation to grow into reality.

elder sharing wisdom with young native american

Our Mission

7th Generation Community Services Corporation is committed to collaborative ventures that assist children and adults in achieving their self-determined goals for economic and community growth.

When embarking on these ventures, the guide post for our road map is the question, “Will this be beneficial to our 7th Generation?”

Board Members

Executive Board

  • Pat Barnes, President
  • Chris Barnes, Vice President
  • Ken Barnes, Secretary

Members at Large

  • Janis Shellabarger
  • Ilene Davis
  • Will Davis
  • Charlotte Hicks
  • Janice Short
  • Diane Houvardas
  • Courtney Noble

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the traditional belief (of many tribes) that everything we do or say, will continue to have an affect for seven generations. The 7th Generation Community Services Corporation began with a vision by Pat and Ken Barnes as a vehicle to give back to the Native community. It is a vehicle whereby the Native community can become more informed about what their options are as they venture more into the non-Native world. In addition, the non-Native community can become more familiar with the culture of the Native community. With this balance of understanding, the Native American community can reach their internally-defined degree of economic independence and self-sufficiency.

Our parents are the seventh generation, we are the seventh generation and our children will be the seventh generation. (If a generation is considered to be 25 years, then the year 2005 would be seven generations from the year 1830.)

Our Logo

The logo for The 7th Generation Community Services Corporation was the inspiration of Ken Barnes and created by Will Davis. It is a circle with a tree inside bearing seven branches on each side of the trunk and an eagle above it. There are two feathers to the side and two staffs. All parts of the logo point towards balance; balance in all things.

The tree is balanced in its seven branches and the circle is always a symbol of balance.

The roots of the tree represent the four directions as well as being rooted in the earth for stability/balance.

The two feathers represent honesty and integrity, in addition to standing for the idea of balance, such as the balance between light and dark, male and female, above and below.

The two staffs symbolize the balance of leadership. They seem to be supporting the circle, which can be seen as a shield or as Mother Earth.

The eagle is the protector, the connection to spirit; he can see with clarity for great distances, even to the seventh generation. It also symbolizes the ability to rise above the mundane and to seek our highest purpose. With the keen sightedness of the eagle, we can keep the vision, the goal in sight.