Life Skills Education for Children and Youth

In 2018 7th Generation approached Sculptor Charter School and Space Coast Jr./Sr. High about bringing our basic life skills program into the schools. These programs, which included lessons on basic finance, sewing, communication and the basics of cooking were offered during the 2018/2019 school year at both schools. The program was a success, and they wanted us to bring it back. However, we had provided the program at our cost, and we could not continue to do so without funding.

To continue with our program, we started doing a summer school in 2019 for one week and accepted 10 children from ages 10-14. The summer camp included children from private, public and home school. We introduced them to basic skills, including sewing by learning to make an apron, cooking by preparing their daily lunches, and woodworking by making a birdhouse. These were all hands on lessons. Instruction lead classes were basic finance, communication and etiquette (including table setting). At the end of the week, we held a dinner for the parents for which the kids cooked, served and displayed their birdhouses as table decorations, and wore their aprons. We had a waiting list of 10 children for the next one and then Covid-19 hit, forcing us to cancel it. We also cancelled 2021, to help make sure we all stay safe.

Looking Ahead to the Future

Our goal now is to start doing our program year round, not just as a summer program. 7th Generation is in the process of finding a facility that we can run everything year round as after school and Saturday programs. The goal is to start with the basic’s and as they progress in school to go to the intermediate and then to the higher levels where they may find a carrier path and at the very least they can take care of themselves and hopefully pass it on when they have their own families.

We will be starting a thrift store in which we will have a “community closet” that will provide clothing for those that do not have or feel they do not have the proper clothes for and interview.  It will also be a way for students to sell on consignment the things they make if they wish to. The store will also provide a place for middle and high school kids to work in for experience in retail.

Our goal is to house all of this in one building and be a year round school and store. 7th Generations goal is to be a sustainable part of Titusville by encouraging and helping our children and youth grow and be empowered to be all they can be.

Job Readiness Program

We have a job readiness program which consists of resume writing, interviewing skills, how to dress for an interview. 7th Generation interviewed business to find out what they felt was lacking when high school youth came to apply for a job. Since most of the board members also own businesses, we had their input as well.
What we heard over and over is they do not come with a resume, they are not dressed properly, they do not interview well, and they have no idea what our business is.

Even if you are still in high school, it is important to know how to put a resume together. It is even more important if you are out in the world trying to get a job or advance in your career. Our job readiness program can give you the tools you need to be successful.