Dennehotso Indian Boarding School Computer Project

Aug 9, 2008 | News

We are pleased to announce that 7th Generation, in partnership with Upper Mohawk, Inc., has awarded 17 computers to the Dennehotso Boarding School, in Dennehotso, Arizona on the Navajo reservation. This school is unique in its remoteness and needs for upgraded computing resources for the students, which made it a prime candidate for a donation from 7th Generation.

The Dennehotso Boarding school has no computer lab and has not had an IT upgrade or addition since 2000. In fact, their upgrade in 2000 was incomplete and left several buildings out of the network. Upper Mohawk, Inc. will be donating the technical expertise in order to get the computers that 7th Generation donated, up and running.

With these 17 computers and another 13 donated by a local college, two computer labs should be fully functional by the time summer begins. With modern internet resources and learning tools, the school’s principal, Veronica Klain hopes to help the students better their education through technology.

Even with the donations by 7th Generation, Upper Mohawk, Inc., and the local college, the school still requires more technical resources, including a qualified network administrator to be on-site permanently. Principal Klain also faces the challenge of putting together a comprehensive information technology plan for the school and obtaining further extensive networking upgrades. If you wish to assist the Dennehotso Boarding school in meeting some of their other needs, please email 7th Generation for more information.