Latest Past Events

Monster Walk 2022

Upper Mohawk / 7th Generation 410 Indian River Avenue, Titusville

Each $5.00 family donation can be paid at 7th Generation, located at 410 Indian River Avenue in Titusville, FL. Each sponsor has created a monster! We need you to vote! 10 is fantastic and 1 is terrible! Your VOTE will decide which sponsor will be the winner of the “Golden Skull!”

Monster Walk 2021

Follow a map of with participating businesses with monsters at their location. Find the monster, then score it. Your votes decide which sponsor receives the “Golden Skull!” Turn in your map at your final stop, a haunted house, and pick up your personalized photo. We are asking a $5 donation when can be paid when you pick up your monster map.

3rd Annual Monster Walk

Navigate a map of spooky monsters designed by our business sponsors and rate each on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being fantastic. Your vote will help decide which sponsor will be the winner of the “Golden Skull.” The activities and details are to come.