Native Heritage Gathering, Inc. Melbourne Pow Wow

Oct 4, 2007 | News

Many thanks to Will Davis, one of our board members who is also vice-president of the board of Native Heritage Gathering, Inc. which sponsors an annual Pow Wow, for arranging for 7th Generation to be honored at their Melbourne Pow Wow on Dec. 7 and 8, 2007. As part of that honoring, 7th Generation did a “give-away,” which honored the Pow Wow Committee members, Head Man and Head Lady, MC, Arena Director, the drums, Veterans, other dignitaries and the children. 7th Generation, who was represented by our AmeriCorps VISTA member, Lisa McCann, was then given an Honor Dance. Lisa also set up a demonstration table with educational materials on 7th Generation to get the word out locally about our Veterinary Technology scholarship program at Brevard Community College. Will and his two children were participants in the dancing and competed in contest dancing. Both children placed in their categories and won first place in the “switch” dance contest.